Introduction: Best Tip for Freezing Sourdough Bread

If you can't/don't want to eat a whole loaf of sourdough at once this is an easy/mindblowing tip to help you freeze it; well actually it helps you when you want to unfreeze it.

Step 1: Cut the Loaf

I bought this Rye Casalinga from the bakery and they cut it for me so there were no end bits, if I had done it myself I would have used a bit of salted butter and vegemite and eaten the delicious fresh ends.

I like to cut different widths so that the bread can be used for toast/sandwiches/whatever.

Step 2: The Reason

This photo shows the reason that my tip is necessary - in the loaf everything matches up and will freeze together.

Step 3: Method

Take every second slice and turn it upside down.

Step 4: Finished

When you have finished turning the slices the slices won't freeze together AND you have a tab to pull them apart.