Introduction: Best Vise Metal Brake Press! Great Angle Any Time, Choose Your Angle

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A very easy anglepress to build with limited tools!

an anglegrinder, a drill and a weldingstation will do for most of it.

Offcourse you need a benchvise :D.

Check it out! feel free to like it, share it, built it!!

Step 1: Step1:the 3D Model

First i made a 3D model of the benchvise.

-In this step show you the pictures.

I also include 3 different files of the 3D object, for you to try to open on your computer.

1 is deffinatly a sketchup file, and the others are skb and collada or something. hope it works for you.

Step 2: Step 2: the Build.

Everything is made with only an angle grinder, a file, a drill or drillpress and a basic DIY weldingstation.

The material was 98% salvaged form old metal.(only magnets were new)

-Some slats of 5mm thick, 50mmwide rough steel.

-Some old plumbingpipes with an outside diameter of 20mm.

First i cleaned all the old ruff steel from its rust and dirt.

Then i cut everything to length with the anglegrinder.(see pictures. the total with of the tool was 16cm)

Dont forget to drill some holes to put in the 10cm neodynium magents.(if you buy 10cm rund magnets it will get in easy. watch out for the depth! you only have 5 mm thick plate! loctite will held them in place. make sure they are flush on the plate so no hard pressure comes to them!

When i had all the pieces to length i welded them togehter with my Geiss stick weldingstation.

I did paint them for esthetic reasons, but you dont have to.

Watch the video for the look and use of it.

I"m busy on a second version with a stonger "knife". i welded an old wrensh to it, and shaped it with my anglegrinder and heat treaded it aftwerwards. toolsteel is harder and better for the knife if you plan to use it a lot to press on thick material. not needed when you only use it for aluminium of 2mm offcourse.

Thx for watching, don't forget to salvage and create frenzy :D