Introduction: Best Way to Paint Nails

Whether chipped or just in need of a little refresh, painting your nails is a great way to add color and really nail that look you're going for.

Choose your favorite color and follow along as I show you the best way to paint your nails.

Step 1: Choose Your Color

Chose which nails you want to paint. I had quite a few old nails that were in serious need of revamping, a few were even rusty which simply won't do.

Select the color you like for your nails and paint. I held the nail by the point and painted everything else, then let dry for a minute so I could handle the other end and finish painting the entire nail.

Step 2: Let Dry

After painting let your nails air dry for a few minutes before handling, otherwise you'll smudge the polish. I'm not really good at painting my nails, so I made a little bit of a mess. I suggest doing this outside on a surface that you don't mind getting a little splatter.

Big or small, nails can be painted any color you like. Why you'd want to do this, is another matter.

Happy pranksgiving :)