Introduction: Best IPad Stand Ever ;)

Being a long time user of the iPad, i am not only using it for fun but also for work. When it comes to writing long emails or documents, there is nothing better than apple's own keyboard dock, which practically turns the iPad into a notebook.

But when it comes to watching video or using apps like musical instruments or DJ app's, it's not quite fitting. Mostly you want to use the iPad in landscape mode, which is impossible with the keyboard dock. Of course you can buy stands supporting it both ways, but all of what i could find was designed to work on a flat, solid surface.

I thought about my needs and finally came up with this thing...

Step 1: You Will Need...

To build it, you need the following stuff:

- a microphone stand, with a small and at the same time not to light base
- a soft grip microphone clamp (so it doesn't shatter from the screws)
- an iPad car mount (or anything else that holds your iPad and can be screwed on to something)
- two screws of a reasonable size (this depends on your particular materials)

Putting things together is quite easy, just saw off the two sides of the clamp like seen in the picture.
You want to cut off the same amount on both sides, to have it mounted perpendicular later.
Then, put in screws to fix the car mount to the microphone clamp.

And done!

Step 2: ... and It's Done!

You can use the stand upright to watch some video in bed or bathtub, on the balcony or next to your table. It's also great to have several people work on the same thing.
I also use it flat like a table when playing instruments or using the DJ app.

Have fun!