Introduction: Best of 2009: Best of Each Category

To celebrate the end of the year we already looked at the top 50 lists for comments, views, and ratings, but this time we're going to break it down by category. What's below is the top 10 list for each category in terms of views.

Of course, being popular does not absolutely imply that an Instructable is the best. Please view this list as an introduction to each of the categories.

So are you ready for a big ol' pile of data? Then dig into this.

Best of 2009: Top Viewed Instructables
Best of 2009: Top-Rated Instructables
Best of 2009: Most Commented


  Instructable Views
1How to Make a Seed Bomb 67959
2Building a Lightsaber 52474
3How to Make 6 Pointed Paper Snowflakes 47051
4Using Silicone based pastes to create quick makeup 38050
5Beyond Belief and Back (in 30 secs.): An Optical Illusion 34743
6Powerthief 34462
7Identity Preserving Balaclava (all the warmth with none of the anonymity!) 33866
8Homemade Stickers 33701
9How To Make A Pinhole Camera 32795
10Wall Illusion Easy Forced Perspective Wall Art 30675



  Instructable Views
1Genuine chainmaille from pop tabs 136196
2down and dirty screenprinting for under 10 96669
3Sew a Where the Wild Things Are hat pattern 81731
4Making A Glove Work With A Touch Screen 73539
5Reusing Lightbulbs as planters or mini terrariums 69044
6Make a Dress from a Button Down Shirt 54669
7Recycled T shirt Necklace 42062
8Drill Small Precise Holes'a0 41689
9How to make a chainmail shirt 36883
10Build a foundry and sand cast aluminum 36535



  Instructable Views
15 minute Ice Cream 137927
2How to make a VHS video toaster 60196
34 minute Chocolate Mousse 58102
4Tap a Watermelon or How to Make a Watermelon Keg 54667
5Drumsticks 43252
6Cupcake Cones 37509
7How to Build Your Own BBQ Barrel 29615
85 Minute Pie 26205
9Baked Brie 25377
10Eggnog Recipe 23734



  Instructable Views
1The Ultimate Nerf Vulcan Mod 58242
2Cryptex 39889
3Upgrading the Xbox 360 hard drive CHEAP 39692
4How to Make an Irretrievable Easter Egg 37285
5Pocket Sized Minty Catapult 37213
6Electrified Monopoly Steampunk Inspired 31227
7How to Make an Atari Game 26704
8Hand made COG Tags 24204
9Altoids Tin Travels Games Pocket Size Fun 21313
103D companion cube. Its time to fire up Inventor and make my own companion cube. 20131



  Instructable Views
148V Electric Flat Tracker 87878
2Homemade Shampoo 72880
3VERTICAL VEGETABLES quotGrow upquot in a smal 69467
4How to Milk an Almond fresh homemade almond milk 55202
5How To Make A Tesla Turbine Greenest Turbine 51267
6Make a Solar DS that you will Never Need to Rechar 50994
7Deodorant 50776
8Hydroponic Food Factory 46595
10Mini Solar Air Conditioner 41939



  Instructable Views
1How to create a fiber optic starfield ceiling 69658
2How to extend the life of your Razor Blade keeping it sharp for months and months 67488
3How to Build a Polished Concrete Desk 62357
4Locking a deadbolt from the outside without a Key 58800
5Inexpensive DIY Under Cabinet Lighting 51326
6Bottle Cap Table with Poured Resin Surface 51155
7Scrap Table 49184
8Build a Large DB8 HDTV Antenna Big Bertha 42152
9Cardboard Lumber 38550
10How to install a "garage door open" indicator 37583



  Instructable Views
11 ingredient Ice Cream 53431
2Build a cheap and easy Den 17440
3LEGO Halloween Costume 15410
4fun jumpers 14926
5The Princess Playhouse 14278
6Fold a kitchen into your pocket 13231
7How to use spaghetti to paint like Jackson Pollock 13106
8Cardboard Frisbee 1 12395
9Fun with bottles 11877
10Broken Arm Lego Accessories 11343



  Instructable Views
1Six Days a Week 34138
2Pocket Sized Lantern 29334
3emergency vehicle escape keychain 28622
4The Quest for Ambidexterity 21761
5Buisness card with mints 21525
6Ideas for Altoids and other tins 21042
7How to unclog sink pipes 21022
8A sunrise and sunset lamp with LEDs 20914
9How to Make Maternity Jeans Using Regular Jeans and a T-shirt 17330
10How to get rid of Razor Burn quick 16777



  Instructable Views
1How to Build Custom Speakers 47501
2The Homewrecker 42765
3The Prism A Laser Synth Guitar 41291
4800watt 12 long 16quot diameter Bass Cannon 37711
5Making Simple PVC Flutes 37321
6Tic Tac Tunes 34690
7Build a music studio in an apartment building 34554
8Make a Korg Kaossilator Guitar 31978
9Scallop Your Guitar Standard Scallop Frets 14 21 31270
10Robot Voice Modulator 30838



  Instructable Views
1The Twittering Office Chair 147512
2Edible Shot Glasses 100593
3Match Rocket 80254
4Mini Spud Gun, Classroom Nemesis 62109
5Chluaids 10 minute Monkey Fist 56203
6Body Casting and Chocolate Molding 53805
7Quick and Dirty Hand Held "Tesla Coil" 46306
8Light Up Goggles 41083
9Laughing Coke Can Prank 36471
10Nerf Mods A Beginners Guide 35789



  Instructable Views
1Sleep Warm Anywhere 55181
2Upside Down Hanging Earth Box 48998
3Homemade Sunscreen 46867
4Stay Warm with the Heiny Heater 44366
5Pocket Sized Camp Stove (The Improved "Penny Stove") 41268
6Car Dash Camera Mount 39314
74-3/4 oz Ultra-light Backpacking Kitchen (video demo) 36801
8Gas Bottle Wood Burner 34161
9Arduino RC Lawnmower 31020
10How to tie various knots 30755



  Instructable Views
1Motion Sensor Cat Toy endless fun literally 28622
2Cat Powered Auto Feeder 22159
3Ikea Built My Cat Scratcher 17381
4Automated Cat Feeder 17335
5Clipping Chicken Wings 17214
6Table Top Aquarium 16556
7How to make a magnetic fish tank cleaner 16291
8Cheap automatic aquarium feeder on the go 14687
9The FerretMobile DIY Ferret Wheelchair 11501
10Make Your Dog Into A Bunch Of Grapes For Halloween 11236



  Instructable Views
1How to make a fish eye lens for a Nikon D-90 Digital SLR for $16 75690
2iSteadii 20 Image Stabilizing Unit 49399
3How To Take Great Close Up Photos 38717
4Fakin It Polaroid Transfers That Look Real 31363
5Kite Aerial Photography KAP 29823
6Camera Light Ring 26752
7How to Make a Snorricam 25687
8Universal 2 Gyro Image stabilizer 23961
9Portable Paperless Digital Copy Machine 23579
10Single HD Gyro Image stabilizer 23324



  Instructable Views
1Steampunk Segway Legway 78735
2Bike Generator 63104
4How to Strap a Leaf Blower Engine to a Bike and Go Fast 38570
5Snail Art Car The Golden Mean 33879
6Contactless dynamo powering bike safety lights 33775
7Self balancing one wheeled electric skateboard 30640
8Vehicle efficiency upgrades 28031
9Building a quotUniverse Cyclequot 27876
10Bamboo Bike Frame 27425



  Instructable Views
1Convert your Honda Accord to run on trash 119089
2Charge Your Cellphone Using Wasted Heat 73148
3Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio 66156
4How to Make a Synthetic Diamond 64783
5Ballistic Gel 64509
6Copper Fire Log Heater Burns clean with alcohol 57701
7Water Bottle Bazooka 54319
8Portable 12 Volt 17 Watt Wind Generator with Automatic Furling 53297
9My home made solar cell 1 52221
10Real-time Web Based Household Power Usage Monitor 51278



  Instructable Views
1How to make a solar iPodiPhone charger aka Might 158887
2A Word Clock 147826
3How to Wire Your House With Cat 5 or 6 For Ether 124085
4DIY High-Speed Book Scanner from Trash and Cheap Cameras 119346
5How to make a fractal antenna for HDTV DTV plus 117538
6Wave Laptop Stand Making 3D Shapes in Ilustrator 107970
7Free Electronic Samples 94282
8Wireless Power 84657
10Cheapy Laser Lighter Burner 83765