Introduction: Best of Pallets

The Twins decided to oversee my latest Project & gleefully provided a Postmodern perspective on the limits of recyclability

Step 1: Deconstruct the Pallet

There are 787 videos extant on Youtube demonstrating the best way to disassemble a Pallet. I decided to take none of this advice.

Step 2: Reconstruction

The parts provided by the dismantled pallet afforded the opportunity to proceed to the next remarkable stage in the highly skilled technical construction process. Sort battens into long ones & longer ones. The Longer ones must be placed on the work area first, the even longer ones then are placed evenly spaced @ Rt angles to the longer ones. To facilitate the placement we found that some kind person had previously proscribed the exact location, even outlining the locations for the nails. How kind we though & had a merry dance spurred on by this overt display of magnaminity.

Step 3: Overfixing Method

The decision was taken to use fixing materials available within a radius of 3 m. This didn't work because 3M don't have a factory nearby, so the radius was increased to 2 Miles. Finally after little or no effort both Hammer & Nails were sourced. Two were required to lift the Hammer so just as well I had twins I thought.

Step 4: Voila! Ze Veeneeshd Rtickle As We Say When Chatting With French People

Whew!! The twins proudly display the finished article disdaining the ubiquitous & nauseating Selfie Stick. 2 Lollies a piece I say.

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