Introduction: Betsy Ross American Flag

I am a senior in a high school engineering class and thought it would be interesting to make a 3D Betsy Ross flag for this Instructable Challenge!

Step 1: Create Base Shape

Firstly, begin with this figure and cut off the top half with a rectangular hole. The bottom half will provide the shape for a waving flag.

Step 2: Create Each Stripe

Rotate the figure 90˚, then add another rectangular hole cutting off the top part of the figure to create an individual stripe for the flag. Repeat this step, moving the rectangular holes to create different stripes for the flag. Once you have all 13 stripes cut out, arrange them and color code them (red and white). I designed my flag to be 26 mm tall, thus giving each stripe 2 mm in height (easy numbers to deal with).

Step 3: Add Base for Stars

Use similar boxes to create a base onto which the stars will be placed.

Step 4: Add Stars and Ring

Add each of the 13 stars, making sure that they are in a circle. I added a circle figure to help make sure that my stars were aligned (then deleted the circular helper). Rotate the stars on all three axes, adding to the 3D effect. Don't forget the ring on top!

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