Introduction: Better CPU Cooling

After some recent google-ing and computer upgrades I have discovered a way to get your CPU up to 7 degrees Celsius cooler.

Step 1: Parts Needed

For this instructable you will need the following
a $5-$10 80mm or bigger case/CPU fan (I used a 92mm cooler master CPU fan)
a dremel with a with a metal grinding disk or any similar tool
a spare 3 or 4 pin fan spot on your mother board *note: 4 pin fans work on 3 pin spots*
$1 garbage bag ties
eye protection

Speedfan (program)
***If your case does not have holes or some ventilation in front of the CPU fan area you might have to cut a hole and put some mesh or something there***
**If you don't have a spare 3 or 4 pin can spot you can spend an extra 10 dollars to get a fan like this one Arctic Cooling Arctic F9 PWM 92mm case fan**

Step 2: Cutting

I put the fan on the outside of the case because there was no room in the in side of the case but if you have a big case with lots of room you cam put it on the inside.
If you already have holes or vents in front of your CPU fan then you don't need to cut a hole there but if that is not the case then you need to cut a hole in your case and put mesh there.
I already had ventilation so I only had to cut in a little hole for the wire. also make sure that the hole is big enough for the plug to fit through

Step 3: Mounting the Fan

Position the fan so that the end that the cable is nearest to the hole you made for the wire.
Make sure that when you put the tie into the mesh or venelation on your case that each end of the tie go in different holes.

Step 4: Finished Product

If you want you can view the results on speedfan
this simple case mod brought my idle CPU temp from 43 to 40 and my average usage temp (Firefox 4 beta, ATI Catalyst, spybot with teatimer, zone alarm, bitcomet, netgear tool, avast and tuneup 2010)