Better Cleaning of the Dyson V-series Filter

Introduction: Better Cleaning of the Dyson V-series Filter

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This Instructable is very simple, and provides a method for a thorough cleaning of the V-series filters. In the process is saves a bit of water as well.

Step 1: Overview and What You'll Need

You'll need the following:

  • a medium size ziplock freezer bag or a medium size plastic container with a water tight lid.
  • Some dish-washing liquid soap

I'll be the using a ziplock bag.

Step 2: Getting Started

Remove the filter from the top of the V-series vacuum and place it in the ziplock bag (or container).

Add 1 drop of dish-washing soap to the bag or container.

Add enough water to submerge the filter in the warm, but not hot, water.

Close the bag or container.

Step 3: Shake It Up

Shake the bag or container until you see the water become cloudy or dirty.

Empty the water from the bag/container and repeat the 'wash' step until the water is no longer dirty.

After the final wash, use cold water and no soap and rinse the filter thoroughly.

Step 4: Dry It Out

After dumping out the rinse water, remove the filter and shake the rest of the water out.

Then use a cloth or paper towel to pat dry the filter.

Dyson then recommends allowing 24 hours to let the filter dry completely, before putting it back in the vacuum.

I found this to work much better than just trying to rinse it under running water, and it probably saves some water by following this method.

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