Introduction: Better Indoor Gardening

here are two very easy, very worthwhile things you can do to improve your indoor gardening and life in general. Enjoy.

Step 1: Idea #1 - Make Your Indoor Garden Brighter... Hooray for Photosynthesis

add some mylar to your walls and black to your floor. more light and more radiant heat means more plant growth!

Step 2: Give Your Plants, AND YOU, Better Water!

i'm not going to belabor the point of structured water. lots of info is out there. i think its pretty evident that the science behind subtle energies is becoming more and more accepted (quantum physics dictates we're all exchanging photons, electrons and a whole host of other particles and wavelengths all the time). AND its pretty hard to argue with some of the studies done on structured water, i think. some call me crazy, to them i say, "MY PLANTS GROW LIKE CRAZY!!!" I had an aloe vera flower in montana in the winter, for heaven's sake. my neighbors make fun of me because plants are going crazy in my back yard and i have to prune them constantly. i don't add fertilizer, i don't rototill, but i do structure my water with about 30 minutes of vortexing per bottle from my tap (i do also use a brita tap filter because the water in livingston, montana is pretty mineral laden).

look at all the research done with structured water, try it out with some good music or tones going (youtube has lots of them) and enjoy good water. if nothing else, your hand-eye coordination will improve from the sensitivity developed from this exercise in mindfulness.

AGO RECOLO VITAE ("live to cultivate life")! :)

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