Introduction: Better Nail Clippers

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I have thick toe nails from some fungus. I was having trouble keeping things
clipped because the clippers don't open wide enough.

Step 1: Making Better Nail Clippers

After buying a few I decided to re-engineer them. So I replaced the pivot pin with a notched 10-32 screw so I could get a wider opening.

Step 2: Parts Needed

The parts you'll need are: a 10-32 screw that is 1.250" long and a 10-32 nut.
Also I used a 1" x 6" piece of steel strap to hold the bolt while I filed the notch.

Step 3: Tools You Could Use

The tools required are: a vise, a small triangle file and a small file with an
elliptical cross section. I got mine in an assorted file pack.

Step 4: Making the Pivot Pin

Start the notch with the triangle file close the the nut in the fixture. Go
a little more then half way through, then deepen the notch with the oval file. Assemble as in the pictures then set the nut so the cutting edge contacts about 1/8" before the cutting handle bottoms out on the upper blade.

The old setup gave an opening of .1115". With the new pivot pin I have an opening of .1755". This makes a big difference for me in clip-ability.