Introduction: Betwell : How to Restart Ipods

So you have an ipod, and your searching for a song. Then all of a  sudden
your screen freeze up. What should you do?
Well here are the steps to RESTART your ipod.

Step 1: Betwell

First thing you do is to toggle the HOLD switch to ON then  OFF

Step 2: Betwell

then put on finger on the  MENU BUTTON

Step 3: Betwell

Then put one finger on the  CENTER BUTTON

Step 4: Betwell

then press both buttons at the same time for at least  10 seconds

Step 5: Betwell

Then wait for the Apple Logo  to show up on the screen

Step 6: Betwell

If it doesn't work try to repeat the steps until  it works, but if it doesn't work at all go to a professional to fix it.