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Introduction: Beveled Square Earrings

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This four sided earrings are simple to make, yet fun to wear! These make great gift as well as fun accessories for your next outing!

Step 1: Materials

Here's what you will need to make these simple yet special earrings:

  • beveled square stickers
  • smaller gem stickers
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • earring back posts and findings

Step 2: Glue Two Squares

First, peel off two square stickers of the same color, and attach the sticky backs together. You can also add a dab of hot glue so that it really stays in place. Make sure to use four stickers, 2 for each earring.

Step 3: Add Earring Post

Then, use a small dab of hot glue to attach an earring back post to the back of the earring and top it off with finding.

Step 4: Add a Pin Back

Then, just add small gem stickers on the fronts of each earring for decoration, and they're done!

Step 5: Bejeweled Earrings!

You can wear these with any dress, and makes for a great gift for any jewelry lover!

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