Beware Shaped Halloween Card

Introduction: Beware Shaped Halloween Card

I found this image in the Autumn Celebrations cartridge. The image was not a card but I decided to make it into a card. I opened the image in Cricut Design Space and first set the width to 4.23 inches and let the height set itself. I then ungrouped all the layers and duplicated the shadow layer twice. I mirrored these two layers vertically and lined up the tops overlapping them slightly and welded them. I also added a score line in the middle of the card. This created my card base. I am including a short video tutorial on how I made the card.

Next I took the main image and made it a print and cut image. I printed this and then cut it, then cut the card base. I adhered the Beware image to my card base with some foam dots to add some dimension to the card. To finish the card I added a small spider lapel pin to Mr Frankenstein and then traced over it with my Black Spica Atyou pen. I also stamped some small spider webs in each corner and traced over some of the lines again with my Black Spica Atyou pen.

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    6 years ago

    Nice :) I like differently shaped cards.