Introduction: Bi-Directional Visitor Counter Using Single Ultrasonic Sensor With LCD on TinkerCad

Often we see visitor counters at the stadium, mall, offices, classrooms etc. Today we are here with a project with bidirectional visitor counter by using Arduino Uno. It is a very interesting project for hobbyists and students for fun as well as learning.

The project of “Digital visitor counter” is based on the interfacing of some components such as sensors, motors etc. with Arduino microcontroller. This counter can count people in both directions. This circuit can be used to count the number of persons entering a hall/mall/home/office in the entrance gate and it can count the number of persons leaving the hall by decrementing the count at the same gate or exit gate and it depends upon sensor placement in mall/hall. It can also be used at gates of parking areas and other public places.

Step 1: Components Required:

1. Arduino UNO

2. Breadboard

3. LCD 16*2

4. Ultrasonic sensor

5. Buzzer

6. Jumper wire

Step 2: Circuit Diagram:

I have used a single ultrasonic sensor for bi-directional visitor counter. Within 40 cm range, it will count how many visitors enter the room on a particular day. Whenever a person enters a room the buzzer will beep and there will be an increment in the integer to show the number of persons.After 40cm, the buzzer will beep again and there will be a decrement in the integer to show the number of persons left the room.

Ultrasonic trigger pin = 10;

Ultrasonic echo pin = 9;

buzzer = 6;

For LCD connections you can visit in the link given below:

Step 3: Code:

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