Introduction: Bias Lighting on the Cheap

In this instructable, I'll show you how to install bias lighting on your LCD monitor. Bias lighting can really help to improve your perception of contrast, and make panel monitors much easier on the eyes.

Step 1: This Is Simple

Most expensive bias lights are 6500K (which is the colour tempature of white on nearly all LCD and Plasma screens) Fortunately, most daylight simulation bulbs are that too.

For this you'll need :

1 cheap clip on spotlight (mine came from Ikea)
1 C clamp
1 Daylight flouroescent bulb

Easy really just clamp the C clamp on the rear of the arm of your monitor, you're looking to get it as central as you can. Then fix the spotlight onto the clamp. It's got to throw light evenly behind your monitor when on.

Then fit bulb, and switch on.

Step 2: Here Is the Bulb I Used.

1 GE 9Watt (it's the same brightness as a 40W regular bulb) daylight bulb

I got mine mailorder, but I've since found that they're not hard to buy at DIY stores

Step 3: Done!

Total cost :

5UKP for Ikea lamp
4UKP for clamp
15UKP for bulb.

So, for around 25quid, I've made sitting at my desk a lot nicer. Shown here behind a Dell 2007WFP