Introduction: Bible Journaling - Psalms 119:130

About: I'm a follower of Jesus, homeschooling Momma of 4 little blessings, and an ICU nurse who enjoys Bible journaling, making sweet treats, and enjoying God's creation!

My newest is Bible Journaling! I love that this provides a creative outlet that connects me with the Word. This is a quick look at my illustration that accompanies Psalms 119:130.

Step 1: Page Prep

I placed a thin piece of flexible plastic (a piece of a cutting mat from Dollar Tree) behind my page to give a sturdy background as well as protect my other pages. I secured the page to the plastic temporarily with Washi tape, which is easy to remove when the project is done.

I applied a thin layer of clear gesso with a plastic card (any old credit card or gift card works fine!) and allowed it to dry completely. The gesso prevents bleed through of ink and paint.

Step 2: Background Paint

I then used my handy dandy card to apply some paint for my background.

I allowed this to dry completely as well (it only takes a few minutes).

Step 3: Stamping!

One of my favorite things that I'm doing with Bible journaling is stamping. I love that in a few easy steps I can have beautiful lettering or images to color.

The best stamps I've used are designed by Tifany Degough at The material these stamps are made of is more sturdy than others I've used, so they are more durable, which leads to a prettier stamped image. Also, I just love her designs!

Step 4: Choose Your Stamp

The sun stamp is from the "This and That" collection.

Step 5: Place Stamp on Stamp Block

I'm using an acrylic stamp block with grid lines.

Step 6: Apply Ink

This ink is from Ranger and is waterproof.

Step 7: Stamp

Be careful to press straight down and then lift up, without wiggling the stamp (to prevent smudging).

I usually let out a little giggle at this point, because I "magically" have something cute to color.

Step 8: Color

I then used colored pencils to add some color to the sun and the banner that "words" is on.

I also like to highlight the verse I'm focusing on.

Step 9: Finished Product


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