BichoBot, 3D Prited BeetleBot Robot




Introduction: BichoBot, 3D Prited BeetleBot Robot

BichoBot, the printable 3D version of the BeetleBot, a funny toy !!

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This is a 3D versión of BeetleBot by robomaniac.

Step 1: Electronics

The operation is very simple, as you can see in the electrical connection of the previous image, when you press the corresponding limit switch, you can change the direction of rotation of each motor. This way when, for example, if BichoBot collides with the left antenna (right side), the left motor rotates back and the right continues to rotate forward, getting the robot to turn on itself and change its path.

Material list:

2x 1,5V dc motor

2x Limit switch No-Nc

2x AAA

1x AAA battery holder

10x 2x10mm screws

Wire an tin.

Step 2: Post-printing

To improve the slip of BichoBot, I recommend putting heat shrink around the "feet" and a piece of felt in the back as seen in the image.
For more fun, you can print several diameters of "feet" and go testing, with larger diameters get a higher speed and if you swap between feet, you can get circular trajectories.

Step 3: Print Settings

For the 3d impression of the lower support, the antennas, the "feet" and the support of the motors, it is not necessary to print with quality, to activate supports or to put raft. However for the case, I recommend defining supports in Zigzag to 5% minimum and a 6mm raft to ensure a good impression.

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    1 year ago

    Omg! This is awesome! I was wondering the other day if I had to redesign the beetle bot 20year later how would it look like. I have even doing 3D print for 8year now and was thinking how the beetle bot would look like and decided to search the internet. Nice work. I love it!


    5 years ago

    This is cute :) I like how you used the antennae to provide a buffer.


    Reply 5 years ago

    jajaja thank you very much!!