Introduction: Bicyclaser - the Flatpack Wooden Laser Cut Bike Without Pedals - Draisine

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Let me introduce you a 100% wooden flatpack laser cut bike!

One can turn the handle bar and wheels!

It's not exactly a bike, it's a draisine, which means a bike without pedals. My children learnt to ride bicycle with (full-sized) draisines.

It's made with a sheet of poplar plywood (3 mm thick, about 1/8 inch). If you have another ply thickness, the easiest way to fab it is to scale the whole design proportionally. Dimensions (Lxh): 220 mm x 160 mm (8.66 inches x 6.3 inches).

You'll find several pictures I took of it; pardon me: I leave on Mon 23th of July for holidays and I wanted to have it submitted to the "Bicycle Contest" before the deadline... so I didn't have time for many improvements that I should have made... Anyway, you have the plans and the right to modify them, so enjoy and send me photos of your personal realizations based on this design...

I'll answer any question starting from August 5th 2012 when I'm back from holidays!

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