Introduction: Bicycle Awareness Siren

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Bicycles in large cities must compete with drivers for space of the road. Distracted drivers can lead to bikes being cut off, doored or worse.

The Bicycle Awareness Siren is the first step to avoiding these accidents. This devices features 2 loud sirens and a strobe light that is used to get a driver's attention.

For a little under 50 bucks you can have the safest bike in downtown!

Step 1: Supplies

For this device you will need the following:

1 6 Tone Siren
1 Painfully Loud Mini Siren
1 Mini Strobe (Green)
1 12 v AA battery holder
2 switches
2 Rope Hooks
3 Bolts with lock nuts
Velcro Straps
Plastic Container to hold everything
Plastic Container to hold siren trigger

Step 2: Mount the Strobe

First on the front of your holding container mount the strobe light. I drilled 3 holes and pushed in on, using the included nuts to screw it down.

Step 3: Mount Both Sirens

Next mount both sirens to the sides of the box. One siren needed a bolt, the other had some sticky velcro. Be sure to drill holes to thread the wires through.

Step 4: Mount the Rope Hooks

Measure your bike and position the rope hooks so they drape over the handle bars. I used 2 screws to mount them on there.

Step 5: Mounting the Switches

I put the larger switch on the main box to control the strobe. The smaller switch went inside the smaller container to control the siren.

Step 6: Wire It Up

I wired the strobe to the battery and then wired both sirens to the battery through the switch. I used a long piece of wire to go from the sirens to the smaller switch so i can mount the switch wherever i need it.

Step 7: Add Velcro

Use a Dremel to make two slots and fit velcro into both containers. Then run the velcro through each to attach it to the bicycle.

Step 8: Try It Out

Check out the video for the result: