Introduction: Bicycle Bell Help

This bell help was designed for people with a disability that makes it to difficult to use a normal bell.

To help those people we made a bell help that you can easily adjust to the size of the bell lever.

How we did it and how you can do this will be explained in the following steps

Step 1: Loading the Basic File

before you begin you will need to download the basic part file.

ones this has been done you will need a 3d modeling software to open the file and to adjust it.

i used siemens NX for this.

Step 2: Adjusting the Bell Help

now that you have opened the part in NX you will need your bell and some calipers

now you measure the lever of the bell. you will need 3 measurements the height the with and the dept op the lever.

once you have these 3 measurements you can start adding them to the part

watch out this design only works on when the width is bigger then the height

you do this by opening the spreadsheet of the partfamilie

once the spreadsheet is open you simply add a new line and put in the measurements where they are needed

when this is done you select the new line you made and click apply values. this will load the part with the new measurement.

Step 3: Exporting and Printing the Part

if you would like to use this part you will have to make it

the easiest way is to print the part.

to print the part you simply export the part as an .stl file.

this file can be uploaded into a virtual slicer program for a 3d printer.

here you orient the part so it stands sideways. this is so the print lines run sideways. this will make the part stronger.

once you have oriented the only thing left to do is to export the code to a printer and print the file

Step 4: Using the Helper

once you have removed the support material you can simply put the helper on the bell and go for a cycling tour.