Introduction: Bicycle Breakfast Bar

I was late this morning.

No time to sit down and eat breakfast.

Cycling along with one hand on the handlebars  and a coffee in the other, with a pocket full of muesli and some toast in my hat . . . that's no way to live.

How to start the morning with the most important meal of the day comfortably inside my tummy as I cycle ?

Of course! . . . the bicycle breakfast bar.

(Added Edit - After many earnest comments about the dangers of this Instructructable, I have to say that this is just a bit of fun; very obviously not to be used on the roads and probably as it is so stupid not to used at all. . . and relax).

Step 1: Gather Your Materials and Tools

I used:

-a nice bit of pine plank (IKEA cupboard)
-some brackets off a bike's stabilisers
-4 nuts and bolts
-a bowl
-a tin mug
-a spoon
-two old spokes

I needed:

- a jigsaw
- a spanner
- a drill
- an awl
- a pencil

Step 2: Mark Out Your Breakfast Bar.

Using a pair of compasses, I marked out a area that would allow the crockery to sink into the breakfast bar and hold it steady.

I then drew a free-hand circumference  that would fit between the handlebars.

Step 3: Cutting Out.

Drill a hole for the jigsaw access and cut out the holes.

Cut around the outline of the breakfast bar.

File and sandpaper the rough edges away.

Step 4: Fitting the Brackets.

The first hole for each bracket is drilled and attached with a nut and bolt.

The next two holes are drilled ( at the other ends of the brackets).

The breakfast bar is put onto the handlebars and the remaining bolts fitted and tightened.

Step 5: The Toast Rack.

This is the bit I've been looking forward to; it makes me laugh.

Remember the spokes?

Now it's time to bend them into a " U " shape.

Between the cup and the bowl push four holes into the wood, with the awl, and fit the spokes.

Step 6: Oh Dear! I'm Late for an Important Thing.

-Get up late.

-Have a pirate bath.

-Ride and eat, arriving relaxed and full.


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