Introduction: Bicycle Canvas Shoes

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I love canvas shoes because they are just that-- a canvas! I also love to cycle, so why not combine the two? :D Now I can wear bikes on my feet. (And who wouldn't want to do that?!)

Step 1: Materials

You will need a light-colored pair of canvas shoes, a decent quality fabric marker, and different colored laces or cord.

Shoes: I got mine for $6 dollars at Walmart and they are very comfortable! Don't get name-brands for DIY shoes... if you mess up it could end sad.

Marker: I recommend a marker for this design (not paints) because we have a lot of small lines. 'Stained by Sharpie' markers have worked great for me. (Lasted over a year on previous shoes!)

Laces: I wanted a different look so I used some suede cord I had. Have fun with this! Go for something bright and contrasting.

Step 2: Bicycles!

The funnest part: drawing all the bicycles! Before you start on the shoes, practice on some paper to get the hang of it.

Use pencil first to gauge the size and amount of bicycles you want.

Draw the wheels. Don't stress out about them not being perfectly round or anything. Your shoes are art and anything will look awesome!

Draw an ellipse for the gears/chain.

Connect the wheels. You want this simple so that people can tell they are bikes.

Add handlebars and a seat.

Repeat, repeat, repeat! I made the bikes face the same direction on my shoes, with an alternating vertical direction. Changing it up or drawing them at different angles could give it a cool look!

Step 3: Define the Lines

Color over the stitching along the front and back of the shoe. This will separate the blank parts and define the bike parts.

Step 4: Add Laces!

Measure the cord to match the length of the laces your shoes came with. (Mine were about 32" long).

Add tThat's it! Ride your bike around town and show off your new shoes!

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