Introduction: Bicycle Chain "Slap" Guard

If you ride a mountain bike, you might have noticed that when you hit a large bump or jump the bike off an obstacle, your chain slaps the metal below it and makes unsightly scratches. This instructable uses an old bicycle tube to create a guard to prevent the chain from slapping your precious frame. Instead of buying an expensive "Lizard Skin" guard to prevent this, I made my own from things I already had lying around my house.

This is my First instructable, so please leave comments and let me know how i can improve for the future. :-)

Step 1: Step 1: Gather Materials

Step 1:
Gather Materials!

What you need:

Wire Cutters
Pliers (unless you have very strong hands)
Old bicycle Tube
Utility Knife (i used a box knife) -- Scissors just didn't seem to be able to cut the bicycle tube. :-\
Safety Wire -- i used something around a foot and a half, but this is a flexible amount, use whatever you have lying around

Step 2: Step 2: Cut Tube

Start by Cutting the tube at an approximate lenght of 6 to 8 inches (depending on your bike).
(see picture number 2)

Step 3: Cut Tube Lengthwise

Now that we have a portion of this tube cut out of the whole thing, lets cut the tube long ways so that we have a "taco" made out of the tube!
(make sure to see the pictures)

Step 4: Put It on the Bike

Now that you have your "taco" made out of your tube, Put it on the bike.

Step 5: Sew It on the Bike

Now that we have the tube in place and ready to go, we are going to begin "sewing" or "weaving" it on the bike with that safety wire mentioned in step one. This is a little tricky, but basically you are weaving the excess part of the tube together so that it doesn't fall off of your bike while you are slamming after that big jump.

Step 6: Finish Up and Admire!

Now after you get it all sewed up, it's time to make last minute adjustments, trim up excess on the sides, and admire your craftsmanship.