Introduction: Bicycle Chain Bracelet

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A recycled bicycle chain made into a bracelet! There are multiple different ways you can arrange the chain peices, not just the one shown! If you made one don't forget to push the I made this button and post pictures!

Step 1: What You Need.

-A old chain, cleaned and taken apart: Free

-one 3 yard peice of leather cordage: 1.99$

-some buttons: 2.99$

-a knife or scissors

One chain can make 5 or more bracelets, so buy as much leather cordage as you think you'll use!

Step 2: Beginning

First, you need to cut your 3 yard leather cordage in half so that you have to 1.5 yard peices.

Picture 1- Take one of the cordage peices and thread it through your button making sure the button is at the halfway point.

Picture 2/3- Take the other peice of courage and set the halfway spot on the button (an extra finger would help here). Then, take the cordage in the button and do the first step of a granny knot (aka tying your shoe).

Picture 4- Tie all for peices of leather in an overhand knot, make sure the knot is as close to the button as possible without being directly under it.

Step 3: Begin the Weave

Picture 1/2- Begin by using one or two of the bearing-like peices of the chain. Thread two of the chords through the top and the others through the bottom. Make sure you pull it snug between each peice.

Picture 3- Thread a peice if chain through the top chords, then bring the bottom chords back out of it.

Step 4: Section 1

Picture 1/2- Thread a separate peice of chain on each side, then arrange then in a crossbones pattern.

Picture 3- add one peice of vertical chain (this helps to make it more flexible with the crosses). Then, add another cross plus a vertical peice.

Picture 4- (optional) end the section with one if the bearings, threading it the same way as the beginning of the bracelet. You're done with the first section!

Step 5: Section 2+3

weave in two more sections identical to the first, don't forget to tighten your leather between every peice if chain.

Step 6: Finish It Off!

Finish the bracelet with an overhand knot, making sure to leave a loop just large enough to slip the button through. To make the loop less thick you can tie the overhand knot with two of the chord peices, leaving an extra large loop. Then, take the other two and do a granny knot father up the loop- which tightens the loop back to the right side.

Last, cut the excess chord off, leaving an inch or so of separate lengths so it doesn't look dull (now is the time to add beads if you want!).

Extra step not used- add some leather cement or superglue to the final knot so the overhand loop can never be pulled out if you catch your bracelet on a fence or the such

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