Introduction: Bicycle Cross Expansion Bar

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Great little project. Takes no time to make, requires minimal materials. Easy to do.Will work on most bicycle frame designs.

Step 1: Bicycle Cross Expansion Bar

As a bicycle mechanic, sometimes you just get a frame on a bike that you can't get into your repair stand or maybe you just want something for your vehicle bicycle rack. I came up with a very simple solution and it takes less than an hour to make and costs under $5.00. The best thing is that it works perfectly. You need to have a little welding done, and if you don't weld yourself the cost will be a little higher.


Pipe Cutter


Hand Grinder


Length of pipe that you need to cut into the length required

Centre pipe joint

2 - 1-3/4 " U-clamps


Your measurements may vary, but mine are, one pipe 10-1/2"s, and one pipe 8"s. The double entry centre pipe joint is 8-3/4". Cut your pipe to the size you need. Each pipe will go into the centre joint and give you about 3-1/2" of adjustment on either end. The U clamps come with a flat plate washer and nuts. On the end that goes under the seat, you remover the flat plate washer and nuts. Grind a groove into one end of the pipe just deep enough for the U clamp to fit in the groove and weld it into position. On the other pipe, at one end, weld the flat plate washer to the pipe. That's it you're finished. Now you simple put the pipe with the U clamp on it under the seat, into the centre joint. The other pipe into the centre join, expand to the handlebar post, put the other U clamp around the post and through the flat plate washer and tighten the bolts . Once this is done, you tighten the eye screws in the centre joint and you have a solid bar to clamp in to your stand or your bike rack. See the photos for any clarification. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at -

Thank you so much for looking.