Introduction: Bicycle Frame Lamp

So...I got my hands on a broken KTM carbon fiber bicycle frame, and decided not to throw it away, and do a cool looking lamp.

The frame got crushed by a truck in a warehouse, it was pretty damaged in the rear, but the front was new.

Lets start the project, go to the first step :D

Step 1: Cuting the Frame

The frame had a long crack in the top tube, so i cut it where the crack ended.

I used a circular saw at work.

Step 2: Base Part 1

I cut 2 acrylics with 37cm by 14cm from a 10mm black matte acrylic sheet.

Step 3: Base Part 2

I wanted to be able to turn the lamp.

So i decided to glue 3 acrylic hinges in the base.

I glued 2 small acrylic spacers with magnets to stay in place.

Step 4: The Trouble Light

The lamp itself was made with a modified orange trouble light.

I have made some cuts on the light handle, to be able to fit it in the frame.

The trouble light fitted snugly in the frame.

So I didn't had to hold it with nothing, like screws or glue.

Step 5: Head Tube Cover

I needed too cover the head tube on the top.

So i had to cut a plastic circle to fit in the tube.

And then, i drilled a hole in the center, to pass the cord to the trouble light.

Step 6: Cable Management

In the first photo, you see the cable passing thru the original brake cable hole.

I only had to enlarge the hole, to fit the cable without damaging it.

Step 7: Base Part 3

In this step I finished the base.

I drilled a hole to pass the cord again.

I screwed 2 closet rod flanges to the base, then screwed the frame to the flanges with self-drilling screws.

The frame becomes attached to the base.

Step 8: Final Touches

For a final touch, I used again an original brake cable hole to pass a piece of cord, along the bottom tube to another hole that I had drilled.

I fixed the cord with zip ties to the original frame spares.

This cord it's just for aesthetics purpose.

In the main cord i atached a black power plug and a switch

Sorry, I dont have photos for this

Step 9: Final Result

It was a great journey, from a smashed frame, to a awesome lamp, to place on my bed room. ;D

Hope you like it.

Something you need to know leave a comment. :D

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