Introduction: Bicycle Meant for Three


First, before we start making this awesome bike for you and you friends, I'd like to show you what materials u will need:

-3bikes--whatever size or kind you like

-2 5 ft. Long pieces of PVC pipe

-4 pieces of PVC corner pieces (PVC intersecting at right angles)("elbows")

-rubber cement glue (just to hold your PVC piping in place so it won't be wobbly while your riding your bike)

-extra PVC pipe

-(remember basic woodworking tools you might need!-pencil, sharpie, measuring tape, drill, drill bits of all different sizes, just to name a few)

Now let's start building!!!

Step 2: Start Attaching the Three Bikes

We are going to attach the three bikes in two places-by the handlebars and by the poles that attach the seats.

Start by lining up your bikes the distance apart that you want them then making marks with a sharpie or pencil on the 5 ft. piece of PVC where each of the bike seat poles are. Then drill a large hole on top of each of your marks using your drill with a size 1 inch drill bit.

Use a wrench to "hack" into your bikes, my personal favorite part of this whole project. To do this unscrew all screws that seem to be keeping the seat down.

Once the seat is up, slide the 5 ft. piece of PVC pipe onto all of the, now-seatless, seat bars.

Reattach the seat the way you took it off and then you are finished this step!

Step 3: Finish Attaching the Bikes

Now in the past step you hacked into the seat. Now you are going to do literally the exact same thing just on the handlebars.

So, grab your wrench and take off the handlebars, add the piping, (remember to add your holes also!), slide the piping on, re-screw the handlebars on, and VOILA!! Almost finished!

Step 4: Add PVC Piping As Supports

Now that the three bikes are connected by the seat and by the handlebars it's time to give it some support.

First, stick the elbows onto all of the parts of the 5 foot pipes (one on each corner)(if you are having trouble, look at the pictures-a picture is worth one hundred words ;))

Use you cement to attach it super tightly!!

Next, also using cement cut some of your scrap PVC pipe to match the distance from the elbow to the other elbow. Use cement to attach. Repeat for the other side.

Step 5: Decorate and Enjoy!! ;D

Now you are finished securing the bikes so you can add whatever you like: paint, sparkles, streamers- GO CRAZY!!!