Introduction: Bicycle Paniers From Canvas Military Surplus Map Bags

You can buy $12 map bags from a military surplus store and with some strap, bungee cord, and rivets, attach them to your bicycle rack for sturdy, unique paniers.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

-duct tape
-1/8" bit
-rivet wrench
-6 rivets (wrestled with 1/8"x1/4" but would suggest 1/8"x1/2")
-6 1/8" rivet washers
-4' of thin bungee cord
-4 small bungee hooks
-2 map bags
- 4" of strap or webbing

Step 2: Attaching Strap to Hold the Bungee

-Cut the strap in half.
-Looking at the back of the bag, align 2" piece of straps to the bottom corners appox. 1" from side and bottom of bags (decide where the bags should be positioned on the rack relative to pedals and frame so that your feet don't hit the bags during revolution).
-remember, the bags will be on apposing sides so the straps will be in opposite corners.
-Duct tape under the strap and inside the bag so the canvas doesn't bind up on the drill bit
-Cut or punch holes in the straps where you want to drill
-Mark holes on the duct tape with a pen
-Drill holes for rivets
-Two rivets on the side closest to the end of the bag and one across for the two.
- leave enough gap between to easily slide the bungee cord (be sure to go through the strap, both outside and inside canvas, and the backing board).
-attach strap with two of the three rivets on the same side of the strap
-To ensure that the rivets take, use rivet washers on the inside of the bag.

Step 3: Bungee Prep

-Cut Bungee in half
-Finding the middle of each 2" section, tie a loop knot.
-Draw end of cords through hooks and knot the end

Step 4: Attach Bungee to Strap

punch in the final rivet so that the bungee is held into place with the loop below the front ring.

Step 5: Attaching Paniers to the Rack

-Take the loop and attach it to the bottom of the rack.

Step 6: Attaching Paniers to Rack #2

-Wrap the rings over the top bar of the rack and attach the bungees through the inside.

Step 7: On the Rack

Paniers should fit tightly to rack under heavy load. You can adjust the bottom knot if necessary

Step 8: For Carrying Over the Shoulder

Remove from the rack and attach bungee hooks to the top ring straps (so the hooks don't grab your clothes).
-attach shoulder straps.
- Put a little candle wax on either side of the buttons to make them snap with ease.

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