Bicycle Rear Rack



Introduction: Bicycle Rear Rack

After looking for a heavy duty rear carrier for my bike, and not finding one, I looked in my "junk box" for some appropriate tubing with the right bends. Was able to come up with some chair tubing, and welded it all together, as shown in the first picture.   Picture #2 shows some of the other tubing salvaged from other furniture and hockey nets, etc that gets discarded.  The third picture shows the adjustable connector that was fabricated from other junk on hand, the offsets in the arms were bent  in the vise with short lengths of angle irons (bed rails). If you place them opposite and offset leaving a small space for the offset in your arm, squeezing your arm material  will   form  the offset..  There is welding on this project which may not be available to all, so there is an alternate "no-weld" method too.  Keep your eye out for tubing in the 5/8 to 3/4" diameter range  that  slip fits together.  With short lengths of tubing inside the main frame, you can make a firm connection of the two pieces with (three) drywall screws on each side. No not those, but the small, tough,  short, self drilling types (picture #4)  that are used in the assembly of metal studs, look in the dry wall section for these. Picture #5 shows their use in attaching a trailer hitch to the rear of that carrier. The front  connector can be fitted to the carrier using a short piece of angle iron rather than that welded tab, that  I used. The rear struts were arms from a plant stand, the ends flattened and drilled.   So......there you are, keep your eyes open for scrap material you can get for free and turn into something useful....much better than that wooden types I see out there. Let me know if I have glossed over too many of the details, I can add more words and pictures, as desired. You can see that it was left in the rough and not painted as I thought making it pretty looking might just encourage theft.

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