Introduction: Bicycle Repair Stand #2 (Portable)

This is a stand supported by a 35 lb cast iron stand used for an 10' wide umbrella.  It's more than ample to support a bike for repair.

Step 1:

This is the shorter pvc extension.

Step 2:

This is the taller pvc extension.

Step 3:

Bar clamp holds bike bar, this detail was covered in my previous instructable.

Step 4:

Slope bar attachment

Step 5:

Another view of slope bar attachment.  This configuration allows for sloping the bike to any ange.

Step 6:

Using alternate top attachment for slope or vertical bars.

Step 7:

All components for stand.

Step 8:

The base & steel tube attached to base for support.

Step 9:

Base & tube tilted over for view the bolt attachment to steel tube - this is the umbrella stand as purchased from retailer.  The rust has no structural value.