Introduction: Bicycle Seat Post Skateboard Rack

The good skatepark is about 5 miles from my house. That's a lot of pushing on 54mm wheels. I did some shopping around and found other racks to be either out of my price range or not well suited to carrying a skateboard.

What follows is a design for a simple seat post skateboard rack for any bicycle. It was about $5 to build.

Step 1: The PVC Rail Rack: Proof of Principle

I found that 1" PVC pipe slid easily into the gap between the trucks and the inside of my wheels but was too big to slide out between the wheels and the deck.

Step 2: Parts and Tools

Parts $5:

  • 2 Hose Clamps, $2
  • T-pipe, inner diameter = 1", $0.50
  • Elbow Pipe, I.D. = 1 1/8", $1.00
  • Pipe, length = ~ 24 inches, I.D. 1", $1.00
  • Bolt, $0.25
  • 2 nuts $0.25


  • Saw to cut PVC
  • Flathead screwdriver

Step 3: Skip This Problem

Unfortunately, the PVC pipe inner diameter is too small to slide onto the standard seat post diameter (1 1/8" / 28.6 mm) no matter how much you pound on it.

Step 4: Solution: Make Seat Post Assembly

Instead of boring the T-pipe out to the seat post's inner diameter, I decided to split it into 2 hemispheres which I would secure with hose clamps.

Mark your T-pipe and load it in a vice for steady cutting. In a pinch, the human foot has been known to function as a vice.

Step 5: Seat Post Assembly

Here you can see the seat post assembly mocked up with hose clamps.

Step 6: Through Bolt for Added Strength

To counteract the weight of a skateboard the T-pipe/elbow pipe junction needed extra support.

I drilled through both the T-pipe and elbow pipe then added a through bolt with a nut on one end.

You could probably substitute PVC cement for the through bolt but I did not try it.

Step 7: Install

With the elbow pipe bolted to the T-pipe, we're ready for install.

I chose to take the seat post off the bike but it isn't totally necessary.

The T-pipe hemispheres fit so snug they clip onto the seat post. The hose clamps brace the hemispheres together.

Step 8: Mount Rail Rack

The moment you've all been waiting for...slide the rail pipe into the elbow.

I chose not to bolt the elbow to rail pipe because

1. it could support the board without the bolt


2. the lack of a bolt would make it easier to take on and off.

Done and ...done!

Step 9: Mount Skateboard

You've got yourself a rail rack.

Saddle up and imagine you are aboard the Zombie Ducati!

Step 10: Go Skate!

Go Skateboarding Day is June 21st