Introduction: Bicycle Trophy

Needing a one off, or in this case 2 off design for a bike trophy I made them from old bike bits

Step 1:

Anyone who rides a bicycle in group rides knows there is a bit of friendly competition within the group. There are also cyclists in the group who lead by example whether being strong, giving of their time and knowledge and just good to ride with. I have a bikeshop and after our annual Christmas Shop ride a few novelty prizes get awarded. I wanted to offer a Best and Fairest award to a Female and Male rider and that led to the need for a trophy. It had to be bicycle related so with accumulated bits I have made 1 of the 2 trophies to be awarded to the "Golden Cog" winner for the year 2013. The design is easily modified but I used readily available stuff so go with what you've got.

Step 2:

find a suitable cluster, the top ratios are usually separate but the majority are held pinned or screwed together, clean and degrease ready for brazing

Step 3:

Find some suitable tubing, I used Columbus tubing from a wrecked road bike frame, any round tube can be used, it's about 11/8" or 28.6 mm so fits loosely in the centre of the cluster.

Step 4:

Find a single cog, I used the 17 tooth but whatever you can find will be fine.

Step 5:

cut a slot in the tubing at the top and check the assembly, the design allows for the top cog to have a slight backward angle which helps make it more of a feature. Mitre the end where the top cog goes and cut spare tubing to create the in full that holds the cog in place. Sorry no photo, I'll update when I do the next one. Braze all components together, you could Epoxy them together but brazing is better and more traditional.

Step 6: Braze All Parts Together

time to secure all the parts together, sand any paint off and clean with thinners to remove grease and oils

Step 7: Mitre Tube

mitre the tube after brazing to prepare for brazing the filler piece that gives the finished look

Step 8:

The finished product spray painted with a primer and a few top coats of gold spray paint. Ready for the winner of the "Golden Cog"

Step 9:

Step 10: