Introduction: Bicycle Truing Stand & Dish Tool

Full view of truing stand & dish tool

Step 1: Truing Stand

Simple angle frame constructed & attached to plywood platform - cut angle for axle insert.
Wheel shown with tire on - other views will show tire removed.

Step 2: Truing Stand

Caliper mounted in (2) alum plates.
See next step for caliper kit.

Step 3: Truing Stand Calipers Purchased

This is the $11  Park Tool Caliper upgrade kit purchased from Amazon, used in previous step.

Step 4: Truing Stand Tool

View of Truing Tool

Step 5: Dishing Tool

Dishing tool used used with wheel on truing stand.
Tool is shown without person holding for clarity.
Alternate: use tool on bench laying wheel flat & measuring both sides.
Flat iron shown could be increased in width & thickness for more stability.

Step 6: Dishing Tool Close Up

Close up of Dishing Tool.