Bicycle Valve Cap Holder - Never Lose a Valve Cap Again!




Introduction: Bicycle Valve Cap Holder - Never Lose a Valve Cap Again!

My life is nearly based around the humble bicycle.

I go everywhere on it and that means a lot of maintenance.

Every time I get a chance I go to the petrol station (Gas station) and pump up my tires there.

Nearly every time I have been to one of those air stations I see multiple valve caps laying on the ground from other people - this got me thinking, what if there was an easy place to put your valve cap while filling your tires with air?

So when I went to the store that day I picked up a gift card and took it home.

After a few trials and errors I found something I could put on my BMX bike that could hold my valve caps and also any others I found!

It is simple to make one (or two) of these and I hope it saves people losing their valve caps!

Step 1:

Firstly you have to snap/cut the card in half.

Next you have to mark two lines like the ones in the first and second photo and make the tops of the lines exactly 9mm apart, they need to taper so the base is 13mm apart like shown.

The inside diameter of the valve cap is 10mm so if you make an interference fit the valve caps have a better chance of staying on.

Now you need to carefully cut out the lines and attach the half-card to your top tube under the brake cable.

Use some rubber bands to secure it and ride around with the worlds most useful gift card!

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    4 years ago

    so do you use this as a place to store the valve caps just while refilling, or do you travel with spare valve caps in case you lose one that is on your tires?


    Reply 4 years ago

    I use it as both, normally I would have the holder empty and if I find a cap I will put it there and put it in my "Cap Jar" when I get home.