Introduction: Bicycle Frame Lamp.

This is my inscrutable on how to make a lamp out of an old bicycle frame and a few extra bits. I made this lamp for my design and technology class so certain parts were done in a rush!

What you need:

An old bicycle frame
A few meters of wire
Light bulbs and fittings
Two wheel hubs
Small chain ring)


Hack saw
Hot glue gun
Wire cutters/strippers
Belt Sander
Screw driver
Sand paper
(Or a paint stripper)

Step 1: Getting Started:

First off remove all the parts needed to get down to the frame alone including the cups on the head tube, using a flat head and hammer will do the job. then place the frame in a vice and get to work at sawing of the down-tube and seat stays. When cutting try and get as close to frame as possible to cut down on the amount you will have to file down at a later point. Also if there are any cable guides on the frame now would be a good time to cut them off as well.

Step 2: Getting Rid of the Paint

This step can be fairly time consuming. I should have used a paint stripper of sort but I didn't think of it at the time, silly me. it is important to get the frame as shiny as possible for the best look possible. I decided to try and speed things up with a belt sander which worked very well, ideally I would have like to use a sandblaster but wasn't able to. After using the belt sander I had got rid of the majority of paint but I still needed to get the hard to reach spots with sand paper and files. Over all I like how the metal had a scratched effect. After you have removed all the paint you can I would advise you to use a clear lacquer Finnish on the frame to prevent rust in the future.

Step 3: Getting the Wire Through the Frame.

Now you need to drill a hole in one of the chain stays thick enough for your wire to fit though. This is the hardest and most fiddly part, trying to get the wire through the frame can get very frustrating so try and be as patient as possible. A tip to getting the wire through is to use string and some spokes, first tie a loop in the string and use the hook on the spoke to get it through the tubing and tie it to the cable do you can pull and push the wire through making it easier.

Step 4: Light Fittings.

Hopefully you have managed to get the wire through the frame, now you need to get to work at wiring the fittings. First off you need to strip the wires, I used wire stripper but you can use scissors instead. Now you need to cut a length of wire long enough to reach the other fitting from the top. to wire up the fitting you first need to join the wire that runs through the frame with the wire that goes down the head tube, this can be by twisting them together. Next screw the brown and blue wires nice and tight, then you need to attach the ground cable (Green and yellow). once you have done this you can screw the case onto the connectors and repeat the procces with the other fitting.

Step 5: Adding the Extras.

When I finished wiring up the light I felt that something was missing so I decided to fish around in my parts bin and find parts that I could add. I found two hubs and and a chain ring, The two hubs I cut up so only the eyelets for the spokes showed and then I glued one pair onto the bottom bracket tube and the other pair onto either side of the head tube. For the chain ring I glued it into the grove on the top of the seat tube. I felt that these extras added what was needed to make my lamp design much more interesting.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Thank you for viewing my instructable. I hope you can understand all the steps and make your own lamp! Sorry if the presentation is a bit sloppy this is my first instuctable.

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