Bicycle Handlebar Phone Holder




Introduction: Bicycle Handlebar Phone Holder

Here's a simple and elegant bike phone holder which can be made to fit almost any type of smartphone out there. Yes, there is already a large number of phone holders on the market today, but majority of them are either phone-specific, too large, too expensive or just don't look so nice on your bike. The holder described here is easy to make yet sturdy enough for hard road cycling. At least it's been serving me well for the past year or so.

Step 1: Parts

Things you will need:

  1. Hard plastic phone case. These are readily available at your local phone shop or eBay for as low as few €/$/£.
  2. Rubber band. The band should be tough, so don't use an ordinary household elastic band. A hair rubber band, for example, should be fine.
  3. Patch of rubber. An old inner tire is a good source.
  4. Glue or double sided adhesive tape.

Step 2: Cutouts

Using a drill, dremel or plasma cutter, cut out 2 hooks as shown in the image. Note the shape of the hooks, you should make them narrow at the base, so that the rubber band can snap-in.

Step 3: Rubber Interface

Using glue or double sided adhesive tape, attach two small pieces of rubber or similar material to the back side of the case. This will prevent the case from sliding around and will also absorb a part of the road shock. Depending on the position of the holder, you might want to stack a couple of rubber layers to "shape" the interface between the case and the handlebar/stem. I'll be mounting mine on the stem, so two single patches will be sufficient here.

Step 4: Mount the Holder

That's it, mount the holder and you're good to go. Have fun and enjoy your ride!

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    1 year ago

    Yes. This is the design I'll go with.


    5 years ago

    Great works fine.


    6 years ago

    what if my phone is a chinese model that i will not even have the hope to find any case for, not even on ebay/amazon/banggood...



    Reply 6 years ago

    You can actually just take a hair (Rubber) band and wrap it around your handle bar once, and then put your phone under the band, preferably leaning on where the handle bar attaches to the rest of the bike.

    I actually got the idea from reading this, it works but you have to push the band over a little to interact with the center of the screen