Introduction: Bicycle Inner Tube IPod Case

The inner tube on my bicycle recently got a hole in it. I had patched the tube so many times already that i decided to reuse it somehow. The idea came up to make a case for my iPod touch (2nd Gen) out of the rubber inner tube.

Step 1: What You Will Need

All I used to make the case was:
The old rubber Inner Tube
Thread (I used beige)
a Needle

Step 2: Cut the Two Sides

Cut two pieces of the tube about an inch longer than your iPod, make sure that both pieces are about . Cut them open along the seam and wash out the powder on the inside. I wont all come off but that's OK.

Step 3: Measure You Ipod

Place your iPod on the inner tube and mark the area. I used the needle so that you know were to stitch and where the buttons are.

Step 4: Stitch the Sides Togeather

Stitch the two sides together where you marked the rubber. Tying off where you want to leave spaces. In the first case i made i didn't do this and it was nearly impossible to turn the iPod off. When your done trim the extra rubber you have off the sides, make sure you save some of it though because you will need it a little bit later. After i trimmed the edges i realized that My stitching was loose and i had to add more around the sides so make sure you pull it tight.

Step 5: Making a Hole for the Screen

Measure the size of your screen and cut a whole in one side of the rubber that is about the same size. Round out the corners so that they don't tear as easily.
Take the extra rubber from the last step and superglue it to the corners to prevent them form ripping.
Then stitch all around the inside of the screen to reinforce it even further.

Step 6: Cutting the Hole for Buttons

Now all that you have left to do is cut indents in the areas where you did not stitch. The closer you get to the ipod itself the easier it will be to press the buttons. and plug things in. Don't forget to cut a hole for the home button as well.

Congrats, Your done!