Introduction: Bicycle Tire Abb Wheel

This is my pvc pipe abb wheel.Its total cost was 3 dollars.I had some left over pvc pipe so i made this to use up the last bit of it. all you need is
-a power drill
-2 pvc elbows
-some pvc pipe (it dosent matter how much it depends on how big your hands are)
-a bicycle tire (with all the bolts and pieces)
-and some super glue

Step 1:

First, drill a hole where the red dots are.

Step 2:

Then, get some PVC pipe

Step 3:

cut it the length where ever you want it (I chose 6 in.)

Step 4:

then glue it to the elbow in the cut piece of pvc together (it should look like this)

Step 5:

then get these pieces and put the washers on the axle of the bycicle tire
after you do that then stick the axle through the the hole on your elbow then screw on the end bolt 

Step 6:

it should look like this when you are done

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