Introduction: Big Ass AXE

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Hello dear instructables users, Im here with a new project :)

My commence point was a necessity, I needed small and heavy axe convinient for easy carrying, store


-Angle grinder

-Metal file

-Sand piper

-G clamp

-Adhesive and cutter discs for angle grinder


Scrap metal plate ( Tractor plough )

Step 1: Draw Your Pattern

Step 2: Cut Excessive Parts

Step 3: Smoothing the Edges

Step 4: Draw the Cutting Edge Line

Step 5: Filing and Grinding Cutting Edge

İf I have belt sander, it would be better.

Step 6: Fine Grinding

Step 7: Drilling Holes for Light Weight

Step 8: Tempering

I used regular charcoal in order to gain enough heat

Step 9: Cooled in Water

I didnt have oil because of that I used water

Step 10: Wooden Handle Making

I used oak for handle

Step 11: Gorilla Glue for Gluing

Step 12: Clamping

Step 13: Sanding and Smoothing

Step 14: Finish :)

I used tung oil protecting for handle

For satisfying sharpness I used finest metal file, cheap sharpening stone, water sandpaper ( 100, 150, 200 grit)

Thanks for your interest, see you soon with a new project :)