Introduction: Big Daddy's Decorated Bucket Seat

Hi all.

I have made a couple of these chars for my son and I. They are actually comfy and functional at the same time.

Step 1: Supplies


A piece of plywood, fiber board, or even MDF.

About 2 feet of 1"x2" board

Wood screws



An old T shirt

Staple gun

Decorative duct tape.

Of course a trusty 5 gallon bucket!



Step 2: The Seat.

Start with the plywood. I use a lid from a 5 gallon bucket as a template. Trace around the rim of the lid so that you have a circle to cut out. **NOTE - Use the bottom of the lid as your template so that the circle is a bit larger than the bucket. Dont want anyone falling in to the bucket cause the seat was too small!

Cut the circle out of the wood. I use my Jigsaw.

Step 3: Seat Supports

Take the 1x2 board and lay it across the top of the bucket. Mark the wood underneath the board at the rim. Flip the board over and cut at the lines. Slide the board into the top of the bucket to make sure that it fits. It should be just under the size of the bucket.

Attach the board to the top of the seat with wood screws. Make sure to screw down from the top to avoid sharp screw tips sticking up.

Flip the top back over and mark 2 more pieces of 1x2 to make a cross design. These will keep the seat from slipping off of the bucket. Attach them to the under side of the seat.

Put the seat on the bucket and make sure it fits.

Step 4: Padding

Now for the padding.

I use 2 layers of 3/4" closed cell foam padding. You can use whatever you have that will be comfy for your tush.

Lay the seat on the padding and trace. Cut out the circle(s). I glue the 2 layers together just to make sure there is no slippage.

Put a weigt on them and put aside so the glue can set up.

Step 5: Bucket Decoration.

I start by using my palm sander to scuff the outer surface of the bucket. The tape has never slipped on me but why risk it.

Now wrap the bucket in your chosen tape pattern. I used some Stars & Stripes for the 4th of July.

Step 6: Finish Up the Seat.

Take the seat top and apply glue to it. Press your padding onto the glue. Try to center it on the wood as good as you can.

Now I take an old T Shirt and cut it in half so that the front and back are the 2 pieces.

Lay the shirt over the padding.

Flip the seat over and staple the shirt to the under side of the seat. I overstaple it to make sure it wont bunch up.

Trim off the excess material.

Flip it back over and have a look at it. You may need to gather up the fabric and add staples.

Place it on the bucket and make sure it fits on.

Now you have a go anywhere seat that can also carry your gear!. I actually have 2. One for fishing that has all of my tackle in it and one for camping that has my cooking/ eating gear in it.


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