Introduction: Big Day Cutting Board

We all want to make sure that the Wedding Day is a special day for our friends and loved ones, but how can we continue the love even after the Bid Day?! A Big Day Cutting Board! This cutting board has the Initial of the newly-weds, their name, and the date AND its SUPER EASY to create especially if you have wood just lying around!

Step 1: Design

It's always good to have a plan of attack before you start to make cuts with a power saw! Here we show our main design. We have decided to go with an 1/2" on the top and bottom with the purple heart wood, then a strip that is between 1" to 1 1/2" thick of reclaimed red oak, and then a larger main portion in the middle to make up whatever is left of our 14" dimension.

HINT: Change the dimensions according to whatever wood you have lying around. That's what we did! As long as the cutting board was a usable rectangle when it was finished, it did not matter what the overall dimensions of it were.

Step 2: Prepare the Wood

Once you have your design figured out, it is time to prepare the wood.

Cut all of the edges of the wood to the dimensions of your liking.

Then use wood glue to Glue and Clamp your pieces together.

Sanding, the part I dislike but really makes the project. I start with a 120 grit palm sander then work my way up to 320 grit.

TIP: To get a super smooth finish, wet the wood so that the wood grain stands up and then sand the wood with the grain. It will feel great!

Step 3: Laser Engrave

Create your laser cut file and go to your local craft shop or fabrication lab and have them laser etch your design! We are lucky enough to have a local store right down the road for us that does these services at a fair price!

TIP: To get all of the smoke residue from laser cutting off of the board, use type 000 steel wool with the grain of the wood and the smoke residue will clean right off!

Step 4: Apply Oil

Apply the cutting board oil. This step is really simple but takes about an hour to two hours. Use as the directions say on the back of the oil. You can find it at a Lowes or WalMart.

Step 5: Enjoy

Now your Big Day Cutting Board is all finished! It's time to wrap it up with a card and set of knives for your new favorite couple to enjoy! Make sure you put a note on it that it is hand-wash only.

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