Introduction: Big Easy Capacitor Secret Compartment

Big and Easy Capacitor Secret Compartment

Recently I replaced the old Twin Fluorescent lights in my shed for new LED battens. This has left me with several old fittings that have no use or purpose until the Secret Compartment contest came along!

I used this secret compartment for many years early in my electrical career. I could leave a capacitor in the bottom of my toolbox with a spare van key or shed key inside and no one was the wiser.

It is very quick. Very easy. And requires next to no tools. Just an old light and you are ready to go. Most old AC electrical equipment will have some form of Power Factor Correction capacitor - Looking around my shed I could find one of these capacitors in any one of 3 old derelict motors, an old dead fridge I use for fermenting beer or two old cassette players. They are cheap and disposable.

Disclaimer: Depending on your local laws, you may have to get a qualified electrician to replace lights - I'm just lucky that I one!



Old Fluorescent light



Maybe a couple of screw drivers


Hot glue gun/Epoxy

Step 1:

  1. Remove capacitor from light fitting (Keep as much wire on the capacitor as possible)
  2. Rip out end cap with your pliers (9/10 times, the end cap is just a friction fit or is held in by a very small lip)
  3. Cut wires off the core electrical components
    Bin the core
  4. Fold wire in half and wrap around center mast
  5. Optional: Hot glue wire in place if needed
  6. Fill capacitor with secret stuffs
  7. Put on lid
  8. Hide in plain sight with the rest of the junk in your Bitsa Box

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