Introduction: Big FooT Table

The dimension:

Table top Width 46 x Length 120 thickness 2 centimeters.

The frame Width 45 x Length 110 x Height 73 centimeters.

Hello, In this project, I will make the table that use laminated teak wood, rusted metal frame, and the cement cast block for the legs. The design is to adapting the use of the old drafting table frame by extended the frame and the stretcher for the legs to make it stable. The table’s top will be laminated teak wood and use the strip hard wood to finish all edges to make it looks better. At the bottom of the leg I pour the cement casting block in all 4 legs to make it looks different. It can be use in any rooms function as working table, and it can be cool decoration as well. Let’s begin.

Supplies that you need to do Big FooT’s project.

1. Steel square tube 1x1 inch from the older drafting table frame

2. Spot welding machine.

3. Laminated teak wood, Teak wood strips, used plywood, small nails, wood glue, screw ¾ inch.

4. Cement, sand, water.

Step 1: Reused the Frame and Make New Pieces.

Prepare to cut the old drafting table frame to the dimension width 45 x length 110 x 73 for the height. The width is use able from the old frame, but the length is needed to use the tubular steel from other table, in order to make the length 110 centimeters. For the stretcher need to use the same length as well and the stretcher will be 30 centimeters from the floor. After measure every pieces, I lay it out and make sure that it will fit, before I spot welding into the frame, do 1 side at the time and need to be lay out on the table. Next I drill the small hole in the tubular frame for the screw to attach to the table top. Then use the grinder to grind the unwanted left over from the spot welding off. I leave the frame as it is, so it has a little bit of rust on the metal. In some areas if I wanted more rust, I will apply water on the surface over night.

Step 2: Cut Woods and Assembly.

Now I cut the laminated teak wood for the table top into dimension width 46 x length 120 x thickness 2 centimeters. Then I cut the trim pieces out of hard wood thickness .05 x width 2 x length at 46 and 120 centimeters, and make the 45 degree angle cut. Next apply wood glue on the edge of the table, then place the wood strip on the edge and use the small nails. After the table’s top is done. Now cut some used plywood to the dimension 10 x 25 centimeters, 1 leg I need 4 pieces. Next is to assemble the plywood into the box by using the small just half way in, so when the cement dry. it easy to disassemble the plywood box. Then assembly the table top to the frame by screw to through the drilled holes, leave about 4 centimeters on each side.

Step 3: Pour Cement and Finishing Oil.

Now I set the table frame outside and place the plywood box in the center of the leg. Now I mix the cement+ sand+ water and pure in the plywood box. Let the cement dry and then disassembly the plywood box. Now the table should be done, and use the coconut oil for the finishing on the table’s top. It works and looks cool.


Special Thanks to: Mr. Noom, Mr. Somkoun.

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