Introduction: Big Hairy Spider Candy Container Made Out of Coke Bottles

The whole process to make this big and funny hairy spider is explained in the video above, but here you will also find the step by step process explained with photos and text.

You will need:

  • Two plastic Coca-Cola bottles, same size (I used 2 liters bottles)
  • Lots of hot glue bars and a hot glue gun
  • Scissors and scalpel
  • Scrap paper, torn in small pieces
  • White wood glue
  • Black acrylic paint and a brush to apply it
  • Thick black yarn
  • Small pieces of box cardboard
  • Parchment paper (oven paper, non-stick paper)
  • Tape
  • Thick, easy to bend, wire
  • Black craft foam (also called funky foam or Eva foam)
  • White craft foam
  • White cord
  • Candy

Step 1: Cut the Lid

You will need two Coke bottles of the same size, I am using 2 liters bottles. Cut the base of one of the bottles, about half a centimeter away from the horizontal line which is seen at the base, which is like a mark from the bottle mould. This will be the box cover.

Step 2: Cut the Bottom and Form the Box

Cut another bottle the same way, but now do it 2 cm away from that line. This will be the bottom of the box.

Due to the shape of the Coca-Cola bottle, the longest base has a narrower opening and will fit into the shortest base which has a broader opening, forming an almost spherical box with a tight closure.

Step 3: Cover With Paper and Glue

Cover base and bottom with white glue (wood glue, the Elmers glue type) and small pieces of torn scrap paper, first applying the glue by segments and then the pieces of paper on top, this will reinforce the box and give it a good foundation to the hairs lo be attached to it. Take care not to glue any paper on the part at the bottom of the box that the cover overlaps, so it will close properly. Top with a layer of white glue and let completely dry, at least two hours.

Step 4: Paint It Black

Paint the two halves of paper covered bottle bases with black acrylic paint. Let them dry.

Step 5: Prepare the Hairy Pieces

Cut strips of cardboard, about half a centimeter wide by 10 or 15 cm long, and cover them with parchment paper. Hold this paper with tape on one edge of the cardboard strip, lengthwise, but do not reach the other edge of the cardboard strip. Hot glue strongly sticks to adhesive tape (at least to the one I use) and we don't want that to happen. To distinguish which edge is tape free, I slant cut the short sides of the cardboard strips, so the edge without tape is the longer one.

Draw a line of hot glue on each side of the cardboard strip, lined on the edge that does not have tape, the longer edge. I strongly advise you to see the video to better understand this step. Attach one end of black thick yarn to the glue and wind it up around the cardboard strip, adding more glue on both sides as you go. Never overlap the yarn while winding it up along the card strip, so every turn touches the hot glue on both sides of the glued edge.

Step 6: Form the Pom Poms

When the glue is cool, cut the yarn along the edge of the card that has no glue by sliding the scissors in between the yarn and the taped parchment paper. Now you have like a double fringe with two lines of hot glue along the middle. Cut it in half lengthwise between the two lines of hot glue. Take one half and roll it up on itself, securing the base with small dots of hot glue as you roll it. Don't add too much or it will melt the dried glue.

Draw a circle of hot glue on some parchment paper, the same diameter as the pompon you have just made, and paste its base on the hot glue to further lock all strands of yarn.

Make a lot of these pompoms or hairy pieces of yarn.

Step 7: Make a Hole on the Top

Make a hole in the top of the lid of the box. It is a very hard spot of plastic and it will cost some work to do, but you will end up getting it with any tools you may have around: a punch, scissors, a scalpel or a hand drill ... if you have a small electric drill, use it to make it the easy way. This hole will be used to put a thread later on, so you will be able to hang the spider somewhere as a decoration.

Step 8: Cover With Yarn Pompoms

Get one of the yarn pompoms you made before and put hot glue on its base, wait about 10 seconds to let it cool slightly, and glue it on the lid of the box made with bottle bases. Never ever apply hot glue directly onto the box because the heat from the glue will melt the plastic, deforming the box, and so it will no longer close properly if it is deformed by heat.

Continue covering the entire lid with pom poms, remember not to glue a pompom on top of the hole of the lid!

Step 9: Make the Legs

Prepare the spider legs, we will need four strips so this will give us eight final legs.

Cut four strips of wire about 45 cm long and roll each one of them into a strips of black craft foam (also called funky foam or eva foam) about 45 x 5 cm, securing it as you roll with hot glue.

Now cover these rolls with yarn, rolling it along starting on one ends to about 5 cm away from centre of the leg. Use one string of hot glue to secure each turn of the yarn. Leave the middle 10 cm uncovered because this part will be stuck to the plastic bottles box.

Step 10: Glue the Legs Together

Join the four rolls together by the sides only in the centre part, using hot glue. Beautify the union covering it with 10 cm diameter craft foam circles on both sides. Trim the excess foam.

Step 11: Attach the Legs and Cover With Hair

Using yet more hot glue paste this set of legs to the base of the box made with bottles. Remember to apply the glue directly to the legs and never to the box, and wait for a few seconds for it to get slightly colder before attaching.

Now cover the bottom of the box and the joint with the legs with more yarn pom poms. Remember to glue yarn pompoms only onto the area of the base that has paper and black paint, without covering the zone that will go under the lid.

Step 12: Make the Eyes

Cut off a little "spider hair" with scissors to make it even all around the box, shearing a little more on the spot where you'll glue the spider eyes to make it easier to do so.

Make craft foam eyes. Cut two large white circles and two smaller black circles for both eyes, glue the black on the white one and glue both to the top of the box.

Step 13: Glue the Claws

Cut the shape of two fangs with black craft foam and also glue some fluff on the top part of them. Then hot glue them on the bottom of the box.

Step 14: Put a Cord

Pass a piece (about 40 cm long) of white cord through the hole at the top of the lid. Double knot on the end closer to the hole, so it will not escape. Tie a sliding knot at the other end of the cord. If your cord is synthetic like the one I use, then you can secure the knots by slightly melting them using the flame from a lighter, be careful because it can burn!

Step 15: Shape the Legs

Bend the wired legs of the spider by the middle to shape them. Spread them apart.

Step 16: Fill With Candy!

Fill the box with sweets and the candy container is ready for Trick or Treat! The good news is that you can fill it with unwrapped sweets, such as marsmallows, as the plastic it is made of is suitable for keeping sugary food... it was intended to keep Coca-Cola!

Do you fancy this Spider?

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