Introduction: Big Ol'sword Thingy

In this instructables Ill show you how I made a sword out of wood.

Step 1: Get the Materials for the Project.

For the project the only materials you need is wood. The type of wood is mostly your choice. I used oak wood because it is sturdy and easy to work with. For tool the only thing you need is a saw and some type of sander. It can be many types of saws like a hand or table saw.

Step 2: Cut Out Base.

Just rough cut the base of the sword. It is easier to cut it with the hilt. It doesn't need to be super smooth, just about around what you want for the size and shape.

Step 3: Sanding for Hours

This is the longest and takes the most work. Sanding the blade to the fine point and shaping it. You could also use a router to get a nice curve on the handle.

Step 4:

This is that last finishing step. First you will get very fine sandpaper, around 220 or higher grit to make it as smooth as possible. Next you get what type of paint or stain you want the blade and body. After painting you get thin strips of leather and staple or nail each end to the handle wrapping it around for a grip. Dont get the spray paint in your mouth and then youre done.