Big Screen Entertainment Center




Introduction: Big Screen Entertainment Center

Big Screen Entertainment Center:

It has a location for the following equipment / items.
65 inch Big Screen TV
Tower Speakers
Sub Woofer
Center Speaker
Stereo Receiver
5 CD / Laser Disc Player
DVD Player
Cable Box / DVR
Storage Behind Doors
Sony Playstation 3
Network Router / Access Point
Room To Expand
Potted Plants (etc)

Pine 1 x 4
Pine 2 x 4
4 Hinges - Black
2 Cabinet Pulls - Black
2 Cabinet Magnetic Latches
Box of Wood Screws (various lengths)
8 Rug Sliders for Feet
Masonite (Brick Pattern for back)
Electric Power Strip (mounted inside behind center speaker)
Wood Stain

Step 1: Get Materials

Get Your pine wood for your local lumber yard.  Get nice straight pieces with not too many knots.

2 x 4 for top and shelf edges
1 x 4 for top and shelf planks
1 x 2 for trim work
8 carpet sliders for feet

Step 2: Build Legs

The legs are 2 in x 2 in.  I laminated three pieces of 1x4 wood and cut square on my table saw.  I build ten legs that are all exactly the same.

Cut both ends of each leg as shown to fit into square holes that will be cut in the top and bottom of shelves.

Step 3: Build Top and Bottom Shelves

The top and bottom shelves are made from 1 x 4 tongue & groove planks held together around the edges with 2 x 4 rails (also tongue & groove)

Square holes cut into shelves to accept legs.

1/8" groove cut at the edge of planking.  Used router to cut groove.

Groove cut to accept back masonite panels.  Used router to cut groove.

Hammer and chisel to make leg holes nice and square.  Use router with home made template to cut holes.

Step 4: Build Shelves and Walls

This is where is gets difficult.  I actually did this all by myself.... but a second set of hands would be useful.  Luckily I have some pipe clamps to help hold things together.

The shelves are all tongue and groove construction and are held together on the edges by railing.  Each shelf in clamped into place by the planks that make up the walls.

Each leg has cuts and groves that accept the shelf planks.  It kind of like an adult Lincoln Log set.

Again don't glue anything together until all pieces are cut and fitted.

Step 5: Trim Work

I used 1 x 2s to make trim for the top.  Screwed to the bottom side of the top shelf.

On the bottom 1/4 base was installed.

Make sure brick pattern in backs align with each section.

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    Question 3 years ago on Step 1

    What would the quantity and lengths of the one-by materials be?


    Reply 3 years ago

    From memory (and the pictures) I get:

    6 - 2x4x12ft

    24 - 1x4x6ft

    2 - 1x4x8ft

    2 - 1x2x8ft


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Completely love this entertainment center. It would look so good in my new man cave. Looks like it is pretty easy to make, and I think I already have most of the tools in my house. I've got a new weekend project to tackle. Thanks for the great pictures of this entertainment center.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    It was definitely not a "weekend" project for me. But I'm pretty slow. Thanks for your comment... post some pictures when you're done.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Hey thb43, had somethings get in the way of building my entertainment center. Hopefully I'll be able to get it finished before the end of this year.