Introduction: Big Smelter Project. Making the Lid - Part 2 of 3

I’m continuing building new metal melting furnace. That’s the second part of “Big Smelter” project and this time I’ll make the lid. Last time I cut off the top of the stove. Now it’s time to make a lid.

Step 1: Patch a Hole

I had to patch a hole which was left from a smoke duct. Also I had to clean rusted inside surface and polish edges.

Step 2: Making a Vent Hole

It was important to make a vent hole in the center of the lid for gas exhausting. I’ve made it using a drill and a cold chisel. I had to spend hours before the work was done.

Step 3: Reinforcement

To prepare the lid for lining with refractories I started to make reinforcement. Using bolts and pieces of wire, I welded the construction, which looked like a spider’s web. Using steel rod I made two handles and welded them.

Step 4: To Line the Furnace

In the last part, I’ll make the lining with refractory, dry and finally test the furnace. In my opinion, this steel reinforcement "spider's web" should prevent lining from destruction under its own weight.

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