Introduction: Big Smile 2014

hello, happy new year 2014..i want to make a new smile in this year..and i will draw a mouth with the teeth using samsung galaxy note 8, sketchbook pro application android 4.2.1..

First i will draw a sketch of gum..and then i will draw the teeth adult..i think 16 teeth will be appear when u smile.

Step 1: Give a Dental Braces to This Teeth

I want to make a dental braces using words "happy new year 2014" using text..first you can use text tool. And then you can move that words on the teeth.
Click words happy new year 2014 to the mouth and move it on the teeth. one alphabet one teeth.
And then do it until finish .
After finish move the alphabet, tab new layer, and u can bold the gum, bold the teeth.

Step 2: Coloring the Teeth With Cream Color

Choose "Fill" from tools and then choose cream color like mine to coloring the teeth to make that teeth look like a natural.

Step 3: Coloring Inside Mouth

I will colouring inside mouth with the black color as picture

Step 4: Connect That Dental Brace With Red Colour and Yellow Colour

I will connect that dental brace so i choose a red line to connecting the teeth at up side, and yellow color to the teeth at down side..
And i will make that alphabets looks cute, and i will add a little draw to that alphabets like mine with the same color that alphabets.
Next i will give a vertical line, only small vertical line at the right side alphabet and the left side alphabet

Step 5: Let's Colouring That Gum and That Dental Brace

Choose tools "Fill" and choose the pink colour to colouring the gum. You can click that gum with your stylus pen so that gum becoming pink.
Next i will colouring the alphabet, blue colour for "happy", orange for "new", green for "year", purple for "2014".

Step 6: Glossy Your Gum and Your Dental Brace Picture

I will make glossy that gum and that dental brace.. i using the brush with white color to make glossy for all alphabet and that brace..

And next i will make the gum glossy at the up side and down side.

Step 7: Finish