Introduction: Bike Art

Using objects I had I created an art bike for a wall in my living room. It is about 5 feet long; about the size of a bike.


2 bike rims with spokes 1 crossbar of your choice. I had the wavy stick

2 12inch lengths of light wire 1 crow or bird of your choice (crows are up year round in my home)

hammer and nails

optional: round wall mirror, bike art cards, clothespins, wire flower

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

2 rims, 1 cross bar, 1 crow, 1 wire flower

Step 2: Assembling the Bike

I have a round wall mirror that was already on the wall. I placed the first rim over the mirror: place a small nail above the mirror. tie a piece of wire or ribbon around the rim and loop it over the nail. If you are not using a mirror, a few nails strategically placed in the wall will hold the rim to the wall like hooks. The rim is not heavy.

I perched the back rim on top of my book case by leaning it against the wall. You can use a few nails, again for holding the rim up on the wall if you are not using an existing bookshelf.

Step 3: Adding the Cross Bar

Using the wire lengths tie the cross bar to the front and back rim.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

I had a wire flower shape that was originally used to hold photos. I added it to the center of the front rim.

I used some clothespins to add bike art to the spokes, but you could use a deck of playing cards on the spokes.

I set the crow on the crossbar using a small nail to hold the crow in place on the wall.

If you have enough wall space you could add a "safety flag" to the back rim.

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